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Q. Tim I heard you are an Instructional Designer.  What exactly do you do?
                                                             Clayton Hancock

A. My job is to help faculty achieve and maintain excellence in the classroom.  This is done in various ways including: consultation on the latest learning theories, helping them learn new technologies,  TAP,  providing resources, and giving workshops on the latest innovations.

Q. Tim I want to transfer my lectures slides to PowerPoint can you help with that?

A.  This is a common request.  If you are currently using slides, handouts, poster boards, or lecture notes you can transfer all this to PowerPoint.  You can still use the older mediums, but this will give you the option of using the state-of-the-art presentation medium.  All this and it can be carried on a 3.5 inch disk and easily distributed to your students over the Internet.

Q.  I need help with a big project can I schedule some time to work on this with you?
                                                          Renita Rollerson
A.  Yes, call 972-860-8239 to schedule an appointment.  Look at my schedule.
Q. How can I make my classes more exciting?
                                      Jackie Hsu
A.  Here's an idea.  The class before an exam instead of having a review play jeopardy.  Break the class into three teams that compete against each other.  Giving the winning team some extra points on the test.  This can be done using low tech means (poster board) or high tech (PowerPoint).
Q.  My class is out of control!  What can I do?
A. Stop by the Teaching Learning Center (A204 A) and lets discuss your options for this difficult but common problem.
Q.  I feel like my lectures are great, and yet my students do poorly on their tests.  Any suggestions?
                                        Anyone who has ever taught a class
A.  Try the one minute paper.

Q.  Can I just come to the TLC hang out and use the computers?
                                         Nora Carambot
A.  Yes all faculty, staff, and adjuncts can use the TLC.  However, students are not allowed to use the TLC.  

Q.  Which learning theory do you prescribe to?
                                       Hiring Committee
A.  Rather than prescribing to one particular theory an Instructional Designer should use a more eclectic approach.  Each learning theory has its place and a good Instructional Designer will know which  particular theory to draw from in a given situation.  From a pragmatic point of view, instructional designers find what works and uses it.


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