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Kate M. Burkes

Kate M. Burkes has been a teacher, trainer, and educational consultant for the past 20 years.  She has a B.A. in Spanish, an M.A. in Linguistics and Sociology, and a PhD in Applied Technology, Training, and Development at the University of North Texas.  
If you are interested in hiring Kate contact her at: 
For a reference contact:

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Michael Wågsjö
Fall 03

Michael Wågsjö is striving for a doctorate on historical music performance. He studies the trumpet in Sweden (his home country) with Bengt Eklund. He has also studied music at SMU with Thomas Booth and at UNT with Dr. Leonard Candelaria. Additionally, he is a commercial music producer and technical engineer. Currently, he is studying computer programing hoping to add this skill to his acquired abilities.
If you are interested in hiring Michael contact him at:
For a reference contact:

Jeanne Kuhler
Fall 02

Jeanne Kuhler has earned a B.S. degree in Chemistry, M.S. in Management Information Systems and a PhD in chemistry. She is currently a professor at Auburn University.
If you are interested in hiring Jeanne contact her at:
For a reference contact:

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