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Come get the Jeopardy Board which is available in the Teaching Learning Center.  You will then need to make up 51 questions (better yet get your students to do it).  Split the class up into three equal groups and present them with three rounds of questions, just like the TV game show JEOPARDY.  The first round has five categories each with 100 through 500 point questions.

Jeopardy Board


Come up with a way to for people to ring in to answer questions (maybe just by who raises their hand first).  Once you answer correctly, you also have control of the board, and the ability to select the next question. You keep control as long as you keep answering correctly, or no one else does. If you answer wrong or someone answers first, you lose control.  Keep track of each groups points.  After the first round go on to the second round with harder questions and more points.  These questions range in points from 600 through 1000.

Students Playing Jeopardy

At the end of two rounds, you enter FINAL JEOPARDY.  Teams can enter any point value from 0 all the way to your maximum number of points they have earned. Students should write their wager down prior to hearing the question.  Give students a minute or two to answer the question.  At the end give the winning team 3 extra points on the test the second place team 2 extra points, and the third place team 1 extra point.  I like to give this as an assignment and have a group of students run the game.

Now let's play!  


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