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Objectives 2010

1.1. Schedule regular workshops, presentations, round tables and brown bags where teaching staff may share ideas, skills, and software.

1.2. Solicit help from faculty and staff  to assist in professional development activities in the TLC.

1.3. Establish a partnership among instructors.

1.4. Find experts from outside the college to give presentations.

2.1. Use publishing avenues to announce TLC services, activities, accessibility, resources, and processes to utilize effectively the resources and services available through the TLC.

2.2. Keep Claire Summers apprised of TLC activities.

2.3. Give adjuncts an intro tour of the TLC.

3.1. Find intern to work on TLC Web site.

3.2 Train all staff to make updates and revisions on the TLC site.

4.1. Provide professional consultation to instructors.

4.2. Use TLC workshops as a springboard for additional help and consultation.

5.1.  Showcase faculty who have been successful with distance learning

5.2. Partner with Mary Lou O'Neil in BlackBoard Training

6.1 Film various workshops throughout the semester

6.2 Document TLC processes by filming the steps

6.3 Make video available either on the TLC Web site or via hard drive of TLC computers.


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