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Objectives 2002

1.1. Use publishing avenues to announce TLC services, activities, accessibility, resources, and processes to utilize effectively the expertise of the instructional designer

1.2. Set up a presentation board to display instructorsí Instructional Technology and Critical Thinking projects

2.1. Schedule regular brown bag gatherings where teaching staff may share ideas, skills, and software

2.2. Provide current Instructional Technology and Critical Thinking publications and advanced Instructional Technology facilities

3.1. Complete informal needs assessment based on responses of current TLC users and workshop participants

3.2. Design and complete student surveys on the use of Instructional Technology for learning

4.1. Conduct four workshop sessions through the Professional Development Team

4.2. Invite first-wave of Instructional Technology adopters to share their ongoing projects

5.1. Provide professional consultation to instructors

6.1. Establish a partnership among instructors

6.2. Promote an eCampus/Blackboard user group at CVC

6.3. Establish incentives for personnel who assume leadership roles or offer special expertise

7.1. Report instructional needs from ongoing faculty Instructional Technology projects

7.2. Monitor evolving teaching and learning needs

7.3. Document faculty requests

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