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Scan a Picture with 
the HP Scanjet

Lift the cover of the scanner and place your picture face down in the upper right corner of the glass.  Close the cover.

Place picture face-down on glass.

Double-click the Shortcut to hp  PrecisionScan Pro.

Double-click this shortcut.

Click the Scan Button on the Toolbar.

Scan Preview button

On the Menu Bar, click Output Type, then click the output type you want.

Output Type menu
In the Output Resolution drop-down box, click the resolution you want.
Tip:     If you use a higher resolution, you will have a better quality image, but your file size will be larger.
Output Resolution menu

Use the mouse to select the area you want to save.  You can do this by double-clicking the image; then grab the sizing handles and move them to fit the area you want to scan.

Select the area you want to scan.
Click Scan on the Menu Bar; then click Save As…. Scan > Save As...

In the Save in drop-down box, choose the folder in which to save your file.

In the File name text box, type the name of your file.

In the Save as type drop-down, choose the file format you want.  (Jpeg Image is a good format for photos.)

Click Save.

Save As dialog box
Your picture will scan and save.  Final product.



You can now insert your picture into Word documents or PowerPoint presentations, print it onto an overhead transparency, or use it on a web page. 

Click here for a printer-friendly downloadable Word document.

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