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Past Staff

Photo of Jackie Hsu

Dr. Jackie Hsu
Instructional Designer
Fall 2000 - Spring 2002

Dr. Jackie Hsu was recruited from China and became the first employee of the TLC.  In Spring 2002, she was offered a faculty position, which she took.  However, Jackie soon realized that instructional design was her real passion and in January 2003, she moved to Collin County Community College as their new Instructional Designer. 

Angela White
Instructional Associate
Fall 2001-Summer 2003

Angela White worked as a secretary  for fourteen years and decided it was time to go back to school.  While working on her college degree Angela took small part time jobs at Cedar Valley College.  She moved up the ranks quickly until she got a highly coveted position in the TLC.  She currently works with the computer department

Photo of Angela White
Photo of Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson
Student Assistant
Fall 2002-Spring2003

Brian Johnson was a Veterinarian Technician in Germany while in the U.S. Army.  After attending Cedar Valley College Brain moved to California.  Brian is a world traveler and his last known whereabouts were in Spain doing an internship. 


Rhonda Thompson
Instructional Associate
Fall 2003-Spring 2004

Rhonda Thompson spent 20 years in typesetting and graphics before returning to college in 2001.  Rhonda followed in the footsteps of Angela White and worked her way up to her position in the TLC.  Rhonda is currently a stay at home mom taking care of her daughter GeneVieve

Photo of Rhonda Thompson
Photo of Jackie Glee Jackie Glee
Instructional Associate
Fall 2004-Summer 2005

Jackie has a B.S. in Marketing and a M.S. in Human Relations and Business.  Prior to joining Cedar Valley College in 2001, she served as a Trainer, Director-Adult Education Center and  Financial Administrator in the private sector.  Jackie did such a great job in the TLC that she was transferred and is now in charge of School Alliance Associate. 


Mary Jones
Instructional Associate
Summer 2004-Summer 2005

Mary Jones is a former veteran teacher having taught grades K-12 for 18 years in the private sector.  After receiving her Master of Science in Library Science degree from the University of North Texas she became the librarian at Lobias Murray Christian Academy.  Mary gave us a great year in the TLC, and is currently working as a full-time librarian.

Photo of Mary Jones
Photo of Bijal Desai

Bijal Desai
  Instructional Associate (Temp
Fall 2005-Spring 2006

Bijal Desai graduated with a MBA degree  from Texas A&M University-Commerce.  Do to the growth of the TLC we needed extra staff on a temporary basis and she did a great job helping us out.  Bijal is getting married in April 2006 and is moving to Tennessee to start her own business.

Dr. Ron Williams
Department Assistant III (Temp)
Fall 2005-Summer 2008

Ron William holds four graduate degrees!  He is currently working as an adjunct history professor for Cedar Valley College.

Photo of Ron Williams
Photo of Tom Parmelee

Thomas Parmelee
 Multimedia / Graphics Designer
Spring 2006-Spring 2007

Tom Parmelee has a Masters degree in distance learning and has developed a strong interest in educational theory and the application of multimedia.  Previously, Tom supervised the Student Resource Center and has combined that experience with his knowledge of education to develop effective multimedia learning resources for instructors at Cedar Valley.

Ed Dawson
Faculty Assistant
Fall 2004-Spring 2007

Ed Dawson has worked as a humanities professor for over 20 years.  Ed was instrumental in developing the TLC at Cedar Valley College.  The TLC is like one Ed's children and he has shown a deep devotion to the center and the activities that take place there.  Although Ed is still a full-time professor he has lightened his load by 40% so he can lend a hand in the TLC.


Photo of Ed Dawson

Lenora Mathis
 Multimedia / Graphics Designer

Spring 2007-Summer 2008

Lenora Mathis began teaching Graphic Design at Cedar Valley in the Spring of 2005.  She had college degrees in both Business and Art, and a Masters degree in Education/Teaching.


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